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Family Law Modifications

Helping Clients Modify Family Court Orders

While the conclusion of any divorce or family law case typically brings a sigh a relief that the process is finally over, it is sometimes necessary to go back and revisit a child custody determination, child support order or other family law determination.

I am attorney Lawrence C. Arany, a certified Indiana family law specialist. To address any questions you may have about modifying a divorce or other family law order, feel free to contact me at my offices in Indianapolis.

Addressing Changes in Family Law Circumstances

While property division settlements in divorce are rarely subject to modification, other family law determinations — particularly child custody and support — often require legal attention when the underlying relevant circumstances have changed.

  • Child custody and visitation: As a child grows older or household situations change, it may be necessary to revisit parenting time. If you and the other parent can informally agree on a change to your parenting schedule, you should be congratulated! However, when parents cannot agree, the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines are a helpful starting point in negotiating each parent's parenting time rights.
  • Child support: If you are paying too much child support or not receiving enough, I can advise you whether the circumstances have changed enough to justify a modification. Factors such as job loss, changes in parenting time and income, tax deductions and credits can impact child support obligations.
  • Spousal maintenance: Indiana courts do not grant alimony. But sometimes they grant spousal maintenance for up to three years after a divorce and in rare instances, indefinitely. This may be subject to modification if it becomes unfairly burdensome, for instance if you have lost your job.

If you are considering modification of any divorce or other family law determination, I would be happy to help you evaluate your options and pursue a fair outcome.

Providing Skilled, Comprehensive Legal Assistance

There are several reasons to work with a lawyer on family law modifications. A skilled attorney can help you make sure you are addressing all outstanding issues at once so you do not have to keep going back to court as new things come up.

Your attorney can also help you weigh the pros and cons of different potential outcomes. For instance, accepting additional parenting time responsibilities may reduce your child support, but it may or may not increase your total expenses. I am experienced at sorting out these issues.

To discuss any concerns you may have about divorce or other family law modification issues, don't hesitate to contact me.

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